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Repair and servicing

Pump and filter repair

We repair and overhaul gear pumps and filter systems from many different sectors in our repair workshops. These sectors include industry, chemicals, extrusion, polymers and compounding. Our range is made complete with replacement parts available on site for short repair times.

Relining and overhauling of feed rollers

We offer you replacement bearings and new linings for all standard elastomer rollers. Our service also includes scoring, knurling and lining steel rollers in all types of designs. In doing so, we apply the maximum quality standard possible which you would expect from us as an OEM.

Reconditioning of cutting heads

The cutting head in your pelletizing system is subject to high stress loads and should be reconditioned on a regular basis. Our technical staff inspect, recondition and, if necessary, replace all cutting head components. We provide different reconditioning models, such as reconditioning at a fixed price or on a time and expense basis.


Your benefits

  • Fast, reliable support from experts
  • Longer life for systems, thus safeguarding your capital investment in machinery
  • The high quality of our services with original replacement parts reduces your maintenance costs permanently
  • Improved productivity thanks to maximum machine availability
  • Consistently good pellet quality and increased operational reliability


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